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What is the jewelry appraisal process?

For the convenience of my clients, jewelry appraisals are performed in your home or office in the Minneapolis area. Portable gemological lab equipment allows me to appraise your jewelry and gemstones nearly anywhere. The data collection and analysis can usually be completed the same day. Large numbers of jewelry may require more than one visit.

What jewelry should be appraised?

If you wear a piece of jewelry daily or frequently, and cannot afford to replace it, insuring it is very important. Wedding ring sets, diamond or colored gemstone earrings and pendants, fine watches, or similar items are examples.

Should my jewelry be reappraised or updated?

Many insurance companies request jewelry appraisal updates every two to three years. Updating an appraisal is usually quicker and costs less than the original work. I will send update reminders and we can discuss whether an update is necessary.

How do I select a jewelry appraiser?

Ask your prospective jewelry appraiser about the combination of his or her training and experience. Both are necessary for a useful document.

Reasons for a Jewelry Appraisal

  • Insurance coverage is the most common need for a jewelry or gemstone appraisal. A complete appraisal is a detailed document that will assure you of a comparable replacement in case of loss.
  • A jewelry appraisal is necessary in the event of an Estate Settlement, forming a Trust, or for Equitable Distribution.
  • A jewelry appraisal is necessary for a tax deduction of a charitable contribution.
  • A jewelry appraisal is useful for the division of property in a divorce.
  • A jewelry appraisal is a valuable document to have when you decide to sell, trade or bequeath your jewelry.

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